Turn-key packages

  • Structured Product Trading Platform
  • Algorithmic Trading System
  • Real-time Credit Monitoring System (Margin Trading client activity)
  • Sell side Order Management System for Fixed Income

Integration of software solution

  • Position Keeping and Risk Management Systems
    • Implementations of Kondor+, Fenics, Murex, Front-Arena
    • Development of add-ons, such as:
      • Asset and Liability Reporting pack
      • Collateral Management for OTC instruments
  • Straight Through Processing Pre and post trade
    • Order Management Systems:Sungard OMS, Trading Screen, Ullink UL-Bridge and Odisys
    • Market access and Broker Networks
      • Bloomberg TSOX (Bonds) and EMSX (Equities)
      • Eurex (Listed derivatives)
    • Post Trade : Omgeo Electronic Trade Confirmation and Delivery
    • Market data: real time-interfaces, repository databases feed
      • Reuters, Bloomberg, SuperDerivatives market data

Online-feed to Instrument repository databases (FX, volatilities, OTC prices…)